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We are a brand new WorldSMP Server with many extras like Coustom Enchants, Ranks, NPC, Shop, Claims and much more.

We are very happy to welcome you to our server.


What makes the server?

Beautiful world with perfect biomes and gorgeous terrain.

Many extensions to the normal vanilla Minecraft such as:

Claims, Warps, InGame Shop, Webshop, Auction House, Crates, Teleport Requests,

Chestshop, Spawner, Keys, Safari Net, Minions, Chunk Collectors and much more.

What is very important and hard to find on any other survival server is the resource world. This is a world that runs completely parallel to the normal world map. However, you will find a completely normal, yet extremely unusual and beautiful world here. This is solely for finding resources. Whether it's for villagers to kidnap with a Safari Net or outposts for totems, you're guaranteed to find everything here.

And best of all: everything you can track via a live map on the Internet.


We are very happy to welcome you to our server.


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How to join us:

Java: isback.de

Bedrock: mc.isback.de Port:15223


If you have any questions, please contact us with a Discord ticket. Thanks very much!

Please note our Discord and InGame rules to ensure a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere. Thanks very much!